Trust Us

Trust Hospitality offers comprehensive hotel management services tailored to the specific management requirements of each property. Understanding the unique nature of hotels, Trust provides customized solutions that address not only the operational needs, but also the lifestyle character of the property, in the areas of Branding, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Resources.

Our objective is to foster an environment of continuous improvements and streamline the work process resulting in highly profitable hotels. Our Quality Six Management team consists of dedicated hotel professionals with a proven track record in the areas of operations, finance, sales and marketing and human resources. Trust Hospitality has successfully turned around many distressed and under-performing boutique and branded hotels into highly profitable assets and market leaders.


Trust Hospitality’s operational philosophy is based upon the consistent delivery of services through the use of standard operating procedures (SOPs) supported by a rigorous internal audit system and the customized daily training of associates. That translates into an operating platform to seamlessly open or takeover properties, regardless of brand affiliation and hotel segment. The keys to our success in operations include:

  • General Managers who think and act like owners.
  • Incentive programs based on cash flow improvement.
  • A real focus on process improvement, innovation and creativity.
  • Sophisticated reporting designed for daily use and simplicity.
  • Realistic budgets.
  • Quality improvement programs specific to the hotel industry.
  • An inspired operating team with a track record in revenue enhancement and profitability.
  • Award-winning guest service


The backbone of Trust Hotels operational standards is a robust system of financial accountability designed to increase transparency, maximize oversight, and improve margins. The keys to our success in accounting include:

  • Standard Accounting Operating Procedures in place to ensure a sound internal control environment.
  • Focus on maximizing bottom-line results.
  • Detailed forecasting models providing management with the information needed to react quickly to changes in business activity.
  • Comprehensive, daily on-property reports to that allow for informed business decisions.
  • Ongoing statement reviews and cash flow analysis to maximize profitability and provide proactive cash position management.
  • Regular internal audits to ensure compliance with Standard Operating Procedures and minimize risks.
  • Ad hoc analysis and comparison reports as dictated by the business needs.
  • Centralized accounting for select full-service and all limited-service hotels.
  • Consolidation reporting and analysis by hotel, brand, and ownership group.


Trust Hospitality excels at developing and executing an effective and integrated marketing plan. The keys to our success in marketing include:

  • Establishing marketing accountability and brand awareness through a cooperative effort between sales & revenue management, digital agency, public relations & social media firm, corporate office and the hotel to highlight the unique character of the hotel and attract its target demographic.
  • E-commerce efforts based upon industry-leading best practices that produce some of the highest ratios of direct versus indirect web bookings in the industry for independent hotels (40:60) through partnering with some of the best technology providers in the industry and proprietary cutting edge Internet marketing strategies/processes (SEO, PPC, UGC, Programmatic, etc.).
  • Preferred relationships with online travel agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz .
  • Maximizing the direct sales effort by utilizing sales staff at the hotels to cross-sell and market products in major feeder markets. Sales offices across the US, Latin America and Europe provide a strong direct sales channel to travel agencies for our boutique hotels, such as Virtuoso and Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts, as well as Fortune 500 companies.


If the key to success for a hotel is the guest experience, then the hotel associates are the most valuable asset the property possesses. Our REDBOOK defines who we are and why, outlining a belief system that permeates the organization and creates associate bonds that produce greater results than the competition. The keys to our success in human resources include:

  • Training associates to interact with real people instead of a machine. Warmth, loyalty, recognition, integrity and lots of fun are key concepts. The result? One of the lowest turnover rates in the industry and improved efficiencies and profits.
  • Conducting associate opinion surveys twice per year and the results show associate satisfaction levels well over industry averages.
  • Investing significantly in associate training at all levels resulting in Guest Satisfaction scores higher than industry averages and safety programs that result in unusually low loss-run histories and rates.
  • Utilizing progressive hiring and orientation techniques, strengths-based hiring practices and behavioral-based interviewing and screening to hire the best talent.

Conducting automated employment verification, background checks and drug screening for all prospective associates.